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Data is the raw material and processing it is the refinement.
This creates the basis for new digital products as well as visual analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ulf Ackermann
Managing Director

Further ahead

One step ahead with initions

Be a creative, not a driven one. As a consultant, service provider and partner, we cover all areas of your company. From IT infrastructure, IT application, demand management of your departments and business units to management and board of directors. Experience and curiosity, the ability to abstract and a sense of proportion are what drive us and shape our range of services.

  • Strategies for building enterprise-wide digital platforms
  • Concepts for data and information management
  • Development of specifications and processes for governance, security and data protection
  • System architectures
  • Technical and business modeling of dedicated information systems
  • Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Concepts for cloud and hybrid infrastructure
  • Concrete implementation, commissioning and support throughout all phases

To the next Level –

Passion for data

A few years ago, the world of analytical data processing was still quite straightforward: software suites from established vendors were used for the traditional topics of data warehousing, business intelligence and reporting. Specialized vendors were on the market with high-performance database solutions for the mass data of retail companies and telecommunications providers. And for the supporting data mining and statistical analysis, there was a manageable selection of specialized software packages.

But then came topics such as Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Internet of Things, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing – and this area experienced a new, unprecedented dynamic. Suddenly it was said: “The fast beat the slow.”, “Data is the gold of the 21st century.”, “Artificial Intelligence is democratized.”, “Everything is getting smart.”. Didn’t you also feel a diffuse pressure there to act now and immediately in order to be competitively positioned for the future?

At the same time, it was (and still is) almost impossible to get a fully informed overall picture. What is (just) hype, which promises are made, which of them are kept? Which platforms and tools, services and concepts are really required and how can they be combined in a useful way? Which statements (and predictions) of established strategy consultants with their striking glossy slides should one rely on? Which of the many enterprise architects have real practical experience to be able to foresee the consequences of their recommendations?

It is precisely in this challenging overall situation that it is important for you and your company to have a trusted and competent partner and companion at your side. Preferably someone who, on the one hand, is highly agile and already “at the forefront” today, but, on the other hand, experienced enough not to blindly follow every new trend. This combination of knowledge, skills and experience – which enables us to question everything constructively-critically, to evaluate competently and to communicate transparently – that is our passion, that is us, that is initions!

That is your question,

this is our solution

Have you already considered building a data platform or have you already started this initiative? Are you currently asking yourself whether you have chosen the right architecture and the appropriate components? Four eyes see more than two: Would you like an expert review of your current situation or your current project progress?

Your grown architecture is out-dated or needs to be upgraded to the next best release due to support and maintenance reasons? Should these systems co-exist with possible new platforms? And if so, how can such a hybrid scenario look like?

Your business and / or a corporate strategy demand new solutions. How can these be realized with state-of-the-art technologies? Which components solve which questions? And how can these approaches be integrated and operated sustainably and efficiently?

Are there decentralization tendencies and a demand for self-service in your business? What concepts for collaboration, responsibilities, processes, governance, organization and architecture are required?

Questions upon questions. You need a competent partner who can provide answers and guidance. Talk to us!

Suited for your needs

We offer our services in different formats depending on the requirements, the question and the project phase:

Advisory and

Advisory and<br>Supervising

We offer you professional and precisely tailored advice at various levels. From feasibility analyses to the evaluation of existing concepts.



For all concepts and architectures, technical consulting and strategic support, we offer the service of implementation - across all areas and products.



For all implementations provided in the project, we offer you our "Hand Over" service. We thus put you in a position to reliably operate the solutions created on your own.

Trainings and

Trainings and<br>Workshops

You want a little more? No problem! We offer you a comprehensive range of training courses geared precisely to your needs.

Proof of

Proof of<br>Concept

We test your concepts down to the last detail and support you in a "scoping workshop" to optimize existing processes and more.

Data Warehouse
Cloud Migration
and Modernization,
Hadoop Substitution

Data Warehouse<br>Cloud Migration<br>and Modernization,<br>Hadoop Substitution

We share our experience with cloud migration and modernization of Big Data, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions with you.

support and

Operational<br>support and<br>operation

Depending on the desired model, we support you recurrently on a selective basis or also in the 2nd or 3rd level of support. Alternatively, we can take over the complete operation of your application at the agreed service levels.