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Next Generation Business Intelligence &
Intelligent Cloud

Data Lake, Data Platform, Modern Data Warehouse

Data Lake, Data Platform, Modern Data Warehouse

Applications around the areas of Data Lake, Cloud Data Warehouse (for Big Data), IoT, Streaming, Realtime, Batch as well as a basis for Self-Service BI, Artificial Intelligence and Data Scientists.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Edge Computing

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Edge Computing

Includes the development of intelligent processes based on artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance, cause root analytics, timeseries prediction and recommendation engines. Plus complete application lifecycle management from the development process through deployment to operation and infrastructure including edge computing (vision, speech recognition, language understanding, bot integration).

Cloud Enablement, Cloud Automation

Cloud Enablement, Cloud Automation

This involves solutions, structures and processes for deploying and integrating cloud-based resources as an extension or replacement to the existing infrastructure.

Self-Service Business Intelligence and Collaboration

Self-Service Business Intelligence and Collaboration

This includes developing solutions based on Microsoft Power BI for enterprise-wide or departmental reporting, analytics, and Self-Service BI.

SAP Data Platform, Connectivity and Integration

SAP Data Platform, Connectivity and Integration

Building SAP-specific information platforms, near real-time connectivity to data lakes, integration with Self-Service BI solutions such as Microsoft Power BI, and establishing hybrid platforms from SAP and Microsoft Azure.


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What we have in store for you

Our Core Competencies

Data Platform /
Data Lake Concepts
and Processes

We are your architects in the field of data platforms: Together we develop data organization concepts, logical data architectures, deal with data security and more, precisely tailored to your company.

Modeling, Automation,
Application Lifecycle Management

Your information systems are in the best hands with us: We perform modeling on structures and layers for data management and data transformation – aligned with your process chains.

Self-Service BI Concepts and Processes

We ensure clearly defined processes in all areas and support your company with expectation management, creation of usage concepts, organizational development and more.

Technical Concepts and
Business Models

We bring even more dimension to your business with the development of multidimensional analytical modeling (OLAP, MDX, DAX).

Toolbox for future

Our Products

The range of software products has never been as extensive and volatile as it is today. Therefore, we continuously watch new trends, manufacturers and evaluate their products. Our goal here is to identify the best solutions in the long term and to offer outstanding and market-leading expertise for them:

Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake's Data Cloud is "the only data warehouse built for the cloud" and the central component in cloud-based modern data warehouse and data lake architectures. As the leading multicluster MPP system, it stands for very high data volumes, performance, scalability and ease of operation.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and SQL Server Big Data Clusters

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and SQL Server Big Data Clusters

A product developed and matured over 20 years with the components RDBMS, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services. In the latest generation 2019, "built-in" functions have been added in the "SQL Server Big Data Cluster" version to support Big Data scenarios.

Microsoft Power BI (Enterprise Reporting and Self-Service BI)

Microsoft Power BI (Enterprise Reporting and Self-Service BI)

Microsoft Power BI is the Self-Service business intelligence solution for small team collaboration or enterprise-wide organizations. It includes functions for creating intelligent data models, dashboards, reports and information management, with consideration of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Azure Cloud Infrastructure (Network, Security, Authentication, Automation, Deployment, Monitoring, DevOps)

Azure Cloud Infrastructure (Network, Security, Authentication, Automation, Deployment, Monitoring, DevOps)

The use of cloud-based services requires the structuring, securing, integration and operation of a cloud-based "virtual" infrastructure.

Azure Databases (Azure SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cosmos DB)

Azure Databases (Azure SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cosmos DB)

Cloudbasierte SQL- und NoSQL-Datenbanksysteme für strukturierte, semi-strukturierte, dokumentenbasierte und grafenorientierte Anforderungen.

Azure Data Platform Tools (Data Factory, Event Hub, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics)

Azure Data Platform Tools (Data Factory, Event Hub, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics)

All services to create cloud-based and hybrid data lake and modern data warehouse solutions for data management, scheduling, streaming, control and automation.

Databricks, Spark, Azure Machine Learning Services, Azure IoT, Edge Devices, Azure Cognitive Services

Databricks, Spark, Azure Machine Learning Services, Azure IoT, Edge Devices, Azure Cognitive Services

Cloud-based infrastructure and tools for developing and training artificial intelligence and machine learning applications and distribution and deployment via so-called edge devices for latency-free integration at non-cloud-based locations.

SAP, SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAP BODS, SAP SLT, SAP on Azure, SAP Connectivity

SAP, SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAP BODS, SAP SLT, SAP on Azure, SAP Connectivity

This includes SAP-only information systems, as well as technologies for integrating SAP environments and data from SAP systems into holistic, hybrid data concepts using connectors, replication mechanisms and transformation services.

Our Clients

Corporate, Mid-sized Companies
and Public Sector

Our customers include companies and corporations from the German Top-500 as well as from the upper mid-market and public sector. We currently cover the sectors and areas of utilities, real estate, professional services, production, mail order, retail, gaming, insurance, finance, logistics, public sector, BOS, justice and police. Our contacts and clients come from board, IT management, innovation departments and specialist units.

Our Storys

A joint success story from Microsoft and initions describes the development of an enterprise-wide intelligent cloud platform at one of Europe's largest energy service providers. What were the challenges and how did we meet them. [...]

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It's not an either-or decision - it's a togetherness. In this solution sheet, we describe how to connect your evolved SAP data architecture to a cloud data platform with Snowflake. Best from both World. And Next Gen BI. [...]

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With Ace Deploy from initions, you not only significantly accelerate your Snowflake projects - you also take the further development and operation of your Snowflake Data Cloud architecture to a new level. Next Generation BI. Find out more in our Solution Sheet. [...]

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Partners & Alliances

Status and Awards

Another key factor of our success is the close and intensive cooperation with Microsoft, Snowflake, Databricks, SAP and many other partners. In the entire spectrum of sales processes, architecture sessions, workshops, proof of concepts, roadshows and training courses, we act together with our partners or on their behalf.

We are involved in the development of new products at an early stage – sometimes as early as the private previews phase. This allows us to have a direct influence on development and to always be at the forefront. Direct cooperation on many levels and representation on the Partner Advisory Boards ensure the shortest possible paths and the best possible results – for us, our partners and ultimately, of course, for you, our customers.

Multiple Gold and Silver Status for initions

Microsoft is one of the few companies to combine vision, implementation capability and experience. As a veteran with almost 50 years of company history, the company leads the “Gartner Magic Quadrant: Analytics & Business Intelligence Platforms” as a “Leader”.

Since our start, Microsoft products and collaboration with the global company have been fundamental pillars of our performance. We belong to a select group of partners that supports customers from the German Top-500 and large mid-sized companies together with Microsoft, we are represented in the EMEA Partner Advisory Council and work closely with the “Microsoft Global Black Belt Teams”.

With and partly on behalf of Microsoft, we run nationwide roadshows and trainings on current trend topics. These include Cloud Data Platform & Artificial Intelligence, Modern Data Warehouse, Power BI and Azure Databricks. We support sales activities, executive briefings, proof of concepts, workshops and trainings with our experience, product expertise and implementation skills. Our portfolio ranges from Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, Azure Data Platform, Intelligent Cloud, Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Azure Purview and Microsoft SQL Server to Power BI.

initions has multiple Gold and Silver Partner Awards, participates in the Top Partner Programmes (such as Fast Forward) and is Advanced Specialised in the area of “Analytics on Azure”.

initions is the first Snowflake Partner in Germany

Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cruanes and Marcin Zukowski set out in 2012 to reinvent the data warehouse for the cloud. With 20 years of best expertise in the development of relational database systems, they created a revolutionary new product: Snowflake – the only data warehouse built for the cloud.

The multi-MPP cluster architecture consistently follows the concept of separating “storage” and “compute”. It thus combines the performance of data warehouse solutions and the flexibility of modern big data platforms with the elasticity and almost unlimited scalability of the cloud – and at a small fraction of the cost of traditional systems! Billing, by the way, is consumption-based and per-second. The “Gartner Magic Quadrant: Data Management Solutions for Analytics” positions Snowflake in the “Leaders” quadrant with a large lead over all Hadoop-based systems.

As the first Snowflake Partner in Germany, we have already been able to implement numerous, very successful data cloud projects since 2017. Joint sales activities, proof of concepts and the closest cooperation on projects are the basis of our joint success. The appointment to the Partner Advisory Council (PAC) as well as direct contact in product development allow us very early insights and extremely short paths.

In 2020, we were awarded Snowflake Partner of the Year and have also been a Snowflake Elite Partner for several years, the highest partner level in the world.

initions is Databricks Premier Partner (System Integration)

Launching in 2013, Databricks’ founders ventured out of the University of California, Berkeley and into entrepreneurship after four years of research and development. The foundation of their success – the distributed cluster computation framework “Spark” – became a top-level Apache Software Foundation project shortly thereafter and to date has more than 1,200 participants from over 300 companies.

What makes it special: With up to hundreds of times the speed for data transformation and complex streaming applications, it overcomes the limitations of Hadoop installations. The innovative ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the ease of use as well as the multi-language support of Python, Java, Scala, R and SQL also contribute decisively to the high spread.

With “Microsoft Azure Databricks” and “Databricks on AWS”, Databricks offers complete Spark environments optimized for the cloud. Convincing features include the decoupling of “storage” and “compute”, the minimal time required for implementation and operation, and consumption-based billing. In addition, there are functionalities such as “Databricks Delta”, right-role concepts and single sign-on.

initions has been a Databricks Partner since 2017. Since 2019, we are in the highest partner level with Databricks as Premier Partner SI (System Integrator). With our certified team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Databricks Champions we develop architectures, implement solutions, realize proof of concepts and trainings.

The application areas range from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, near real-time streaming, IoT and Data Lake requirements. These include issues of time series analysis and time series prediction, fraud detection and image recognition as well as application scenarios from Industry 4.0, sensor data processing and integration of trading systems.

Beyond the development of machine learning models, we realize concepts for the complete “end-to-end machine learning lifecycle” and productive use.

As Top Regional Partner DACH, initions was awarded by Databricks at the Spark+AI Summit Europe 2019 for the close and successful cooperation.

initions has been SAP partner since 2014

With SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, SAP has set the de facto standard for ERP systems in large companies for decades. SAP BW and SAP BW/4HANA also still have an immense position and importance in the market today.

Requirements such as Industry 4.0, Social Media, IoT and other Big Data sources demand Modern Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Self-Service BI and Artificial Intelligence concepts, in short: Next Generation BI.

Since 2014, initions has been a Silver Partner of SAP. Our competencies include the complete portfolio for the development and interaction of integrative and integrated data platform solutions. The characteristics range from pure SAP environments in the form of BW/4HANA and HANA (native) platforms to hybrid solutions and Self-Service BI with Microsoft Power BI.

We support you in the near real-time integration of SAP ECC and SAP BW in cloud-based Data Lakes using SAP BO Data Services (BODS), SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) or third-party tools. Our know-how here goes beyond module boundaries. We explain complex interrelationships and accompany you from SLT, BODS via SAP BW to the “basis” in order to implement an end-to-end solution really efficiently.



Our solutions are as individual as our customers. That’s why we orient our consulting fully to the requirements and the individual situation of each of our clients.

A look at the initions offers should give you a first impression of what a joint start can look like.

Data Strategy Assessment
The Microsoft Data Strategy Assessment offers you an end-to-end analysis and mapping of the end-to-end data infrastructure in terms of on-premises and cloud scenarios (IaaS, PaaS, Saas). From this analysis, the modernization potential of your data landscape, your concrete target architecture, dedicated activities and pricing are derived in the further approach.

What added value does a Data Strategy Assessment with initions offer?

  • An assessment of the current situation (existing components, strengths and weaknesses, match with goals)
  • The optimization and enhancement of the current Data Platform (function, price, performance, security, governance, integration, strategy)
  • The coverage of individual requirements through interactive workshops
  • Knowledge transfer through extensive expert support and presentation of examples and new technologies
  • An expert-led development of a state-of-the-art target architecture

Data Insights mit Power BI
You have already gained initial experience with Microsoft Power BI and want to further develop yourself and your company with specific steps. Or you are still at the beginning of your Power BI journey and are looking for start-up help from an experienced partner. In both cases, we have standardized packages that provide you with fast yet high-quality support.

Our support can focus on implementation and consulting:

  • Professional Reporting Solution: You have raw data and the vision of a Power BI data product – we implement it for you!
  • Power BI Success Partnership: Partnership geared towards the sustainable successful use of Power BI in the company, in which we support you on fixed days around all Power BI topics
  • Right from the Start: We provide intensive support during the critical phase of implementing Power BI in your company
  • Proof-of-Concept: You have raw data and the vision, we create a first draft and check the feasibility in the process
  • Ask-the-Expert: This flexible package enables you to get expertise for your reporting project specifically and as needed

Or we can support you with dedicated training sessions and help you and your team with the following approaches:

  • Dashboard-in-a-Day: The classic, comprehensive beginner’s training and ideal basis for long-term successful use and acceptance of Power BI
  • Themenspezifische Schulungen: Tailored training packages on specific topics for beginners, advanced, management training as well as customized trainings