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In Germany, the saying “New brooms sweep well” is so apt. But what if you don’t know anything about brooms? Or don’t know exactly how to use a broom properly?

Admittedly, data warehousing is no longer a new invention and everyone has been talking about cloud transformation for a few years now. And so many have made their first experiences with a cloud data warehouse and it is not uncommon for customers to opt for the Snowflake Data Cloud in this context.

initions has been a Snowflake partner from the very beginning. For many years, we have been supporting customers with the migration of their on-prem business intelligence architecture to Snowflake or with the initial greenfield implementation of the data cloud, for example to cover selected use cases.

Since 2019, we have been accredited with Elite Partner status, the highest partner level worldwide. In recent years, we have been awarded Snowflake Partner of the Year twice. Almost half of our employees are Snowflake certified. And since 2023, we have had one of only two Snowflake Data Superheroes in Germany on board.

In addition to helping customers get started with the introduction and initial operation of Snowflake, we have also developed an extensive repository of templates, best practices and accelerators over countless projects, which help customers to implement even complex architectures quickly while ensuring high quality. At the same time, these tools also support day-to-day operations and thus create space for the integration of new use cases in the data cloud.

Under the guidance of our Data Superhero, the number of these accelerators is growing steadily. A few of these tools can be found on this page. But if in question, always contact us!

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Specialist articles

If they’re not busy implementing them on our clients behalf, our experts write about best practices and common pitfalls during the process.

Azure Service

Azure Service<br>Tag API

An API to retrieve the IP-ranges of the different Azure Service Tags. Read more on medium.com



A tool to automatically update the Snowflake network policies for different Azure services. Read more on medium.com

Next Generation business intelligence

With Ace Deploy

Especially in complex Snowflake platforms, it is sometimes difficult to keep up the desired pace of changes and enhancements. In terms of user acceptance, it is essential to find practicable ways to continue to implement new use cases quickly, even in complex data cloud architectures. At the same time, stability and operational security must be guaranteed. A Herculean task.

With our “Ace Deploy” concept, we provide Snowflake customers with exactly the right toolbox to get the most out of their Snowflake platform and achieve “Next Gen BI” in terms of speed and security.

Find out more in our solution sheet. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you with our deployment framework.

See some insights on YouTube

From numerous projects, our Data Superhero, together with the in-house Snowflake product team, have developed a powerful set of accelerators, templates and best practices. Under the name “Ace Deploy”, these are available to our customers as open source, licence-free, for further use and development, even after the joint projects, and guarantee the highest possible project efficiency with the highest data product quality at the same time, even in highly complex Big Data structures. They’ve shared some insights on YouTube:

Solution sheet

Next Gen BI with snowflake and SAP

Modern business intelligence architectures must meet the high demands of their users. These requirements include flexibility, usability, speed and scalability, to name just a few cornerstones.

The situation becomes all the more complicated for those responsible in the data & AI environment when very different use cases also make use of different source systems. A company-wide data platform usually includes not only components from one vendor. Best-of-Bread. But how, for example, do you connect your grown SAP data architecture with a new cloud data warehouse from Snowflake?

In this solution sheet you can find out how we were able to help a well-known utility company and which data integration concepts will also lift your BI architecture to the next level. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you achieve Next Gen BI.

Ready for an expedition?

Do you want to get concrete and start your own data journey from a teaser? Then find out about our various Snowflake offers, with which we can set up the various “ready-to-use” theme packages for you within a few days. Your data journey will not remain a daydream but will become a reality – we will help you kick-start it.

Calling the Snowflake Data Superhero

can be so simple!

Learn more about what it means to leverage the experience of a Data Hero and use his technical expertise to open the door wide to Next Gen Business Intelligence.

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