Get rid of obstacles your SAP system puts in your way to becoming an efficient, data-driven company

Overcome current constraints

With a future-proof cloud data platform

  • Minimize high license and maintenance costs and pay only for what you really use
  • Master flexibility restrictions through unlimited scaling of storage and compute
  • Expedite development and delight users with more ease of use and less overhead
  • Break silos and unleash your data’s potential via simple integration of all other data types
  • Benefit from Advanced Analytics and AI capabilities
  • Take advantage of easy and unlimited data sharing

SAP? Snowflake? Rebalancing!

We made a webinar (in german language) about the concepts of a SAP BW migration, highlighting different SAP data integration-options and the structure of SAP BW data models in Snowflake. Despite the german webinar we’re happy to help you in english if you give us a call. You’ll find the Webinar on YouTube:

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Why work with initions?

End-to-end Expertise and reduced time-to-market

  • We are Specialists in Data Extraction and Cloud Upload: Our outstanding expertise in numerous standard SAP data integration tools ensure a smart and seamless integration of your SAP data into the Cloud
  • We simplify Data Product Migration: Our easy-to-use table integration framework and HANA View to Snowflake Converter ensure code conversion in the blink of an eye
  • Re-Use Data Security Configurations: Keep SAP as the Single-Source-of-Truth while our automated Rowlevel security framework reflects your data access control settings into Snowflake
  • Ready-to-use Currency Conversion: Our SAP Re-Balancing toolbox comes with Snowflake functionalities equivalent to SAP’s standard currency conversion module
  • Speed-up Data Migration Testing: Our automated testing tool provides quick first-glance testing, via e. g. rowcounts, as well as full content comparison
Illustrative graphic of a list: 1. Joint Use Case Selection, 2. Solution Design and Planning, 3. Use Case Implementation, 4. User Enablement

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