initions gets extended specialization

initions gets extended


initions successfully completes enhanced qualification in the Azure Analytics environment

New award: Advanced Specialization “Analytics on Azure”

For many years, initions has been a close partner of Microsoft and advises its customers comprehensively on the entire Business Intelligence portfolio. Over the years, initions has also proven its competencies through the achievement of multiple gold certifications as well as participation in selected, exclusive top partner programmes, such as the Microsoft Fast Forward Programme.

Very recently, Microsoft has launched a new differentiation feature, the so-called advanced specializations, with which its partners can prove their expert knowledge. Various specializations are available for Gold partners in the categories Azure, Business Applications, Modern Work and Security. See also Azure Advanced Specialization

An elementary prerequisite is selected Gold Partnerships as well as additional certifications to be achieved by several consultants. Only when these entry requirements have been fulfilled does a multi-stage assessment follow, ending in a full-day examination. Not only is relevant specialist knowledge tested, but the extent to which the partner meets Microsoft’s extraordinary demands and standards in project implementation is also examined in detail.

Several reference projects must be used to prove and demonstrate how the partner successfully supports its customers in selecting, designing, implementing and operating Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory or Azure Databricks in terms of Microsoft Analytics solutions.

initions has now successfully completed this assessment process and belongs to a very exclusive group of consultancies that are allowed to call themselves Advanced Specialized.

For initions, it was a matter of course to let the previous competencies and activities in the data & AI context also lead to this new certification – after all, this award is not only a sign of what has been achieved so far, but also proof of what is possible. Rather, it is also intended to signal to customers “You’ve come to the right place” if you are looking for a competent partner in the data & AI environment who can help you reach the “next level” – NEXT GEN BI, that is.

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